INTERSECTiONS Zine | Augustus 17, 2021

Our member Anriruddha Guha Sarkar from India is also member of the street photography collective iN-PUBLiC and they just recently launched a magazine entitled "iNTERSECTiONS". Have a look at their work here iNTERSECTiONS Zine.



City Series Magazines | Augustus 16, 2021

Our member Marc Erpelding from Luxembourg joined the Luxembourg Street Photography Collective early this year. The collective publishes magazines on a regular basis throughout the year dedicated to specific themes, like a neighbourhood or an event in Luxembourg. Have a look at their work here City Series.

Insignificant Moments | July 05, 2021

Our member Yiannis Yiasaris presents his new book "Insignificant Moments".

"Street photography sees the world from an altered perspective. I capture insignificant yet extraordinary moments on an ordinary day. These insignificant moments exist for a fleeting second or two and then pass. I try to connect with them to see their hidden beauty, to capture them permanently. 

This is where insignificant moments are made decisive." (Yiannis Yiasaris)

For more information: Insignificant Moments by Yiannis Yiasiris

Urban Photo Awards 2021 | July 01, 2021

Congratulations to our members Heike Frielingsdorf and Marc Erpelding who have been selected for the 12th edition of the Urban 2021 Photo Awards in the street photography category, with 3 photos each.

© Heike Frielingsdorf

© Marc Erpelding

URBAN Photo Awards is a photo contest that sees every year thousand of participating pictures and hundreds of participants from all over the world. URBAN's exhibitions culminate during the Trieste Photo Days festival, which hosts the awards ceremony, the winners' collective exhibition and several exhibits of the best ranked photos.

For more information:

Australian Photography Awards STORIES 2021 | June 20, 2021

Copyright @ Diego FedeleCopyright @ Diego FedeleCopyright @ Diego FedeleCopyright @ Diego Fedele

© Diego Fedele

Our member Diego Fedele got shortlisted for the Australian Photography Awards STORIES 2021. The story also got published on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian. 

"This photo essay gives an insight into the daily life of Farhad Bandesh (from February to May 2021) during his temporary visa in Australia – his experiences as a free man, his dreams, ambitions and battles. Moreover, the haunting memories from the past and the future that still didn’t reveal what it has reserved for him."

Read the full story and see Diego's photo essay here:

Here the link to The Guardian article:

35AWARDS | June 18, 2021

Our member Yiannis Yiasaris reached the shortlist of the 6th annual photography contest 35AWARDS. Congratulations and good luck for the next round.

More information about the contest:

Copyright @ Yiannis Yiasaris

© Yiannis Yiasaris

The Glass Between Us | April 30, 2021

Copyright @ Merlin Meuris

After a successful crowdfunding round, our member Merlin Meuris is proud to announce his new book entitled The Glass Between Us.

The book traces several months of life in Brussels during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"A reflection in a window, a border that separates us and protects us from an invisible virus. During this year, I walked the streets of Brussels to document the daily life of residents during the pandemic period.

Using glass through my photos has allowed me to maintain a physical barrier against the virus while maintaining visual proximity to the people I have photographed.

Glass can be a window, a wall, a mirror that isolates us but also connects us through a visual link." (Merlin Meuris)

All photos were taken between March and November 2020. The book is limited to 100 copies and includes about thirty photos. For more information, please visit

Copyright @ Merlin MeurisCopyright @ Merlin MeurisCopyright @ Merlin Meuris

© Merlin Meuris


Women Street Photographers | Mars 02, 2021

TTL collective is proud to announce that its members Francesca Chiacchio and Heike Frielingsdorf are included in the book Women Street Photographers published by Prestel. Congratulations!

The book explores the work of 100 contemporary women street photographers working around the world today and features the experiences behind their greatest images.

ISBN: 978-3-7913-8740-6

Copyright @ Francesca Chiacchio

© Francesca Chiacchio                                          

Copyright @ Heike Frielingsdorf

© Heike Frielingsdorf


Istanbul Street Photography Festival | December 20, 2020

TTL collective is happy to announce that two of its members are part of the Istanbul Street Photography Festival 2020 finalists. Congratulations to Francesca Chiacchio and Yiannis Yasaris.

Copyright @ Francesca Chiacchio

Copyright © Francesca Chiacchio

Copyright @ Yiannis YiasarisCopyright @ Yiannis Yiasaris

Copyright © Yiannis Yiasaris

Miami Street Photography Festival | December 05, 2020

Our collective is well represented at the Miami Street Photography Festival 2020. Four of our members, Cagdas Kul, Diego Fedele, Marc Erpelding and Yiannis Yiasaris are among the finalists in the singles category of this year's edition. Congratulations!

Discover their selected images here



Istanbul Street Photography Festival | October 14, 2020

Cagdas Kul

Our member Cagdas Kul will be part of this year's Istanbul Street Photography Festival (ISPF) jury. The ISPF is a well-attended event that represents street photography with different approaches and brings street photographers together.

For more information:

The City Loop | September 20, 2020

Copyright @ Diego Fedele

Our member Diego Fedele has just published a new zine entitled The City Loop.

" The circuit of the five stations of Melbourne’s CBD, known as City Loop, gave me a path to follow and I’ve collected spontaneous moments on its streets. Southern Cross, Melbourne Central, Flinders street, among Melbourne’s most famous landmarks, where locals and tourists blend together. With the purpose to show a personal vision of the city, that reveals different kinds of light, corners, situations and to create a tension that tends to lead me somewhere but it does not.

So does a loop.

I would compare it to the “Agora-Phobia” itself, a loop of fears which makes you not be able to evolve, to find the way to live with, because when you are about to take a walk, shoulders tense with emotions, it brings up the bad experiences you had and convinces you to stay at home.

In December 2019, chosen the title, the series slowly started to take shape, however I unconsciously started the project on my arrival in Melbourne in 2018, where I walked on the same streets of the city, whenever I could. Yet it became my way out of the loop." (Diego Fedele)

For more information, please visit his website

Copyright @ Diego FedeleCopyright @ Diego FedeleCopyright @ Diego FedeleCopyright @ Diego Fedele

© Diego Fedele

EYESHOT | Augustus 24, 2020

Our collective Through The Lands is honored to be featured on the Eyeshot website. Founded in 2017, Eyeshot is the first independent publisher working exclusively with Street and Documentary Photography and is devoted to printing and distributing Art publications dedicated to the most influential authors in the contemporary worldwide Photography scene.

For more information, visit

Copyright @ Cagdas Kul

© Cagdas Kul

Urban Photo Awards 2020 | Augustus 02, 2020

Congratulations to our member Ersen Sariozkan who has been selected for the 11th edition of the Urban 2020 Photo Awards in the street photography category.

Find out more about the contest :

Copyright @ Ersen Sariozkan

© Ersen Sariozkan

Through The Lands | January 27, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of THROUGH THE LANDS, a newly formed street photography collective. 15 members will be capturing everyday life around the world and exhibiting their very personal travelogues.


Stay tuned...